Pursuant to Chief Judge Barbera’s Administrative Order of March 13, 2020, closing state courthouses to the public on an emergency basis, the following information is provided.

In accord with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this court seeks to limit the level, duration and quality of contact among persons who frequent this Court. To that end, all persons who enter this Courthouse are encouraged to practice good hygiene, by frequently washing their hands, keeping an appropriate distance from others and – in the case of employees – keeping work stations, keyboards and phones clean. Commonly used surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis.

The concept of “social distancing” in the Courthouse is encouraged, but normal human interaction is inevitable. Thus all courthouse users should be prudent and exercise good judgment during those interactions.

Only the following case types will be heard, either in-person or remotely, beginning March 16, 2020:

(A) bail reviews (B) emergency evaluation petitions (C) emergency risk protective order petitions (D) domestic violence protective petitions (E) peace order petitions (F) quarantine and isolation violations (G) initial appearances (H) search warrants (I) applications for statement of charges (J) acceptance of bail bonds (K) bench warrant satisfactions (L) body attachments; and (M) contempt.

Only the parties, attorneys, and testifying witnesses are permitted to attend these proceedings, with no exceptions, unless permission is expressly granted by the Administrative Judge to do so. Members of the news media shall be admitted to the Courthouse upon display of proper credentials.

All other trials, motions or hearings scheduled between March 16, 2020 through April 3, 2020 are
continued. You will receive notice of any new dates by mail.

The Clerks’ office will not be interacting with members of the public or attorneys, except by telephone.

All court filings shall be mailed or placed in the court’s dropbox, located inside the Courthouse during the court’s hours of operation. The clerks’ office telephone number is 410-819-5850.

Other than judges and employees of the courthouse, and those entities have office space in the courthouse, the only persons who may access the District Court are litigants, attorneys or testifying witnesses in a case scheduled for hearing on that day; State’s Attorneys, Public Defenders; probation agents; the Office of Child Support; Pretrial Services employees; and Department of Health employees.

Any other user of the courthouse who frequently appears on behalf of a government agency who is not on the list above should contact the Administrative Judge.

Please check back frequently for updates or revisions.

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Emergency Services: 410-770-8160 | Health Department: 410-819-5600